A dry white wine with balanced fruitiness and a lovely round finish.

A sweet white wine with a grapiness known for wines made from  Niagara grapes
An off-dry white wine, light and fruity, delicious chilled with a lime wedge
A semi-sweet white wine with tropical fruit flavors and a long, crisp finish.

All wines are made of New York State grapes and fruit.

A semi-sweet blush wine with intense Catawba flavor and a light cranberry finish.
An off-dry blush wine with subtle tannins and mild grapiness.
A  light off-dry fruit wine with notes of pear and vanilla.
A dry red wine aged on medium toasted French oak, developed from Pinot Noir

An off-dry red wine with delicious black cherry notes over light oak.
A dry red wine with a hint of toasted oak and strong black pepper notes.

The holidays in a bottle.